Block of flats with scaffolding

Week beginning 13 July 2015

Week 7 of the Works (contract S163)

My last contact with the CWH liaison officer was by telephone on Monday 6 July. I thought I would give him a chance to contact me about the works and the completion date. I don’t want him to feel that I am stalking him.

I was hoping the CWH liaison officer would be able to give me some definite information after his meeting with Axis on Thursday 9 July 2015. He didn’t ring or email. The week-end passed, and so we entered the 7th week of living behind scaffolding.

More scaffolding and more pollution, but little sign of cleaning up

On Monday 13 July the scaffolders began to erect scaffolding at the front of Dunster House, which is a few doors away from Slowley House. They had not finished the job by the end of the week. The Hanson Street blocks covered in scaffolding so far are Cloutsham, Slowley House, Haddon and Culbone. Apart from the fact that the scaffolding takes away the light, the scaffolding obscures the house names. This is causing a problem for delivery services. We need signs on the entrances of each block so that people can get their pizzas delivered.

Block of flats with scaffolding

Dunster House partially covered with scaffolding

Operatives Alert

On 14 July 2015 a notice from the Axis liaison officer was taped to the main door of Slowley House telling residents that Axis ‘operatives’ would be working on the scaffolding. I really dislike calling workers operatives. Operatives to me is a de-humanising word. Workers are not machines.

I noticed 2-3 workers staring at Slowley House. Later I saw them crouching on the scaffolding high above the street. The next day I saw them rubbing down the external window frames. I thought: ‘Is this really enough workers to get the job done?’ The rubbing down continued during week 7, as the paint scrapings in the basements of the affected buildings show.

Street Cleaning

Axis told me they would send someone to clear up but I am pretty sure they didn’t. If only they had, they would have gained some credibility. I recognise all the cigarette butts on the pavement. We are practically on speaking terms. Perhaps I should give them names because it looks like they will be around for a while.

Mid-week I saw a guy from Westminster Council sweeping up a smashed bottle in the gutter outside Slowley House. I swear the pavement has not been swept for months.

Unswept pavement

Familiar cigarette butts and red brick dust.

Rise in number of Londoners killed by polluted toxic air

Can this really be a highways agency truck parked in Hanson Street (on a yellow line)? He left his engine running while he had a bit of shut eye. Lots of drivers do this. They park in Hanson Street, and leave their engine running. I think this happened the day I read that the number of pollution related deaths in London is on the increase.

Black Truck parked in Hanson street

Truck driver taking a break in Hanson Street with his engine running


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