City West Homes Newsletter

The information that we had been trying to obtain

Announcement that works are delayed

City Voice Central Announcement

The information that we had been trying to obtain

I was at work on 14 July when I received an email from my upstairs neighbour. Attached was a scan of page 9 from a City West publication called ‘City Voice Central‘.

Page 9 contained an announcement about refurbishment contract s163:

“Communal decorations are about to start at the Carburton, Great Titchfield and Greenwell street blocks, including new front doors for tenants. Work has also started on the Hanson Street blocks….We will notify residents once the final dates have been confirmed. The scheme is due to be completed by November 2015”

What a bombshell! But perhaps not unexpected.

So what does the announcement in City Voice Central tell us?

First of all, the scheme is four months behind the previously announced schedule.

Second, it seems reasonable to suppose that City West knew about the delay the previous week. It must take several days to write, edit, proof read and print the magazine. And who is the co-editor of City Voice Central? None other than the City West liaison officer with whom I had a telephone conversation about the schedule the previous week.

And so we enter week 8 of living behind scaffolding.


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