Why rats love Hanson Street

‘Come on people, do the right thing’

Message from a large rat taped to street sign

Come on people, do the right thing

When I came home last night about 10.30pm I got a surprise. There was a message taped to the street sign from a well fed rat. “London is better than Paris”, the rat said. The message ended with a plea to residents to “do the right thing” and put their rubbish out not later than 10.00 am. I took a photo of the rubbish that had already been deposited around the street sign (see below).

Black bags of rubbish

Rubbish on the pavement circa 10.15 pm on 21 July

In the morning (22 July) the message from the rat had moved from the street pole to the main door of Slowley House.

Message from the rat now taped to front door of Slowley House

Message from a fat rat

And at 10.00 am on Wednesday 22 July 2015, there was yet more rubbish around the pole. Can you spot the difference between the bags in the photo below and the photo above?

Plastic bags of rubbish

Rubbish outside 12 Hanson Street

What’s wrong with the bags in the photo above? Oh yes, the blue bags are for recycling. And recycling is only collected on Thursdays. And – er – builders’ rubbish?


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