Colour chart for the communal areas

Communication, cleaning and colour options

An apology and an update on the refurbishment works from City West Homes

In the last 24 hours there has been communication with City West Homes. There has also been action to clean up the street.

This morning (23 July 2015), all residents received a letter from the City West Resident engagement and consultation coordinator that contains an update on the works (contract 163). I also spoke with the coordinator on the telephone. We still don’t have a date for the completion of the works. But we have a date by when City West hope to be able to tell us when the works will finish.

The letter from City West begins with an apology for the delay in starting work. This was due to an unforeseen issue with one of the roofs an another block within the project. City West will ensure that residents receive regular updates on progress as the project moves forward.

Apparently Axis have been carrying out detailed surveys to all three blocks (Cloutsham, Slowley and Haddon Houses) in order to produce a schedule of repair. City West say that we should see a greater presence from Axis on site in the coming days.

A date for getting a date for completion of the works

I asked the coordinator if he had a revised date for the completion of the works. He said they hoped to have a date next week.

Repair to the stair

I also asked about the emergency repair to the stair in the basement area. The gate to the stairs is still padlocked and the stairs are cordoned off. He said the stair would be taken care of as part the the refurbishment works.

Railings with read and white tape

Gate to stairs now padlocked and cordoned off

Colour options for the common areas

Meanwhile, residents have the delightful task of choosing colour options for the communal areas. Decisions, decisions…

paint colour chart with two options

Colour options for the common areas

Clean sweep

And this morning the pavement was swept!



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