scaffolding covered building

All quiet on Hanson Street

Thursday, 30 July 2015

This is the ninth week of living behind scaffolding and green netting.

This afternoon I had a constructive conversation with a manager at City West Homes. He told me City West were having a meeting with Axis, the contractor, today.

We still don’t have a date for the completion of the works.

Actually it would be good to have a date for the start of the refurbishment works.

Scaffolding and green netting

Where is Axis?

Dropping a brick

Last week we learned that City West Homes were not happy with the bricks that Axis, the contractor, were proposing to use to replace damaged bricks.

The good news is that City West Homes have asked Axis to source a better brick.

The bad news is that this means a further delay to starting the works. Though why Axis can’t start to do something in Hanson Street is not clear to me.

Hopefully there will be an update from City West Homes tomorrow (Friday 31 July).

The works were supposed to be completed by 26 July 2015.






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