Water dripping from pipe

The tale of the overflow

The overflow that we reported to City West Homes 18 months ago

On 29 July City West telephoned me. They have spotted an overflow running at the back of the block. Could it be coming from from my flat?

I was able to tell City West that the overflow is from a flat on the third floor, that it has been like this for at least 18 months, and that we have reported the overflow to City West, and to the owner of the flat, a number of times. The problem is that because the overflow is coming from a leaseholder’s flat, it is the leaseholder who is responsible for fixing it, not City West Homes.

Still, I was encouraged that City West are taking an interest in the overflow. It may not be their responsibility, but the water is affecting the building. And it is very unpleasant for residents who live beneath it.

Perhaps City West Homes will get something done about the overflow.


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