Ladder chained to scaffolding

Week ten of living behind scaffolding

We are waiting for the outcome of a site meeting between CityWest Homes and Axis that was due to take place today.

When I left the house at about 9.30 am there was no sign of any work taking place at Slowley House.

The scaffolders’ lorry was parked outside Dunster House. Seemingly the scaffolders are still erecting the scaffolding at Dunster House. In the photo below Dunster House is the building in the distance that has scaffolding but not green netting.

I spotted what looked like a meeting at the Axis cabins in Great Titchfield Street. I asked a guy from City West Homes to come for a chat when he had finished his meeting.

He said that would be ‘no problem’. But he didn’t show up.

About 10.30 am I heard and saw visitors on the scaffolding. I even heard the sound of drilling, but I am not sure where it was coming from.

By 13.00 all was quiet again. There was no-one working on the scaffolding in Hanson Street at all as the photo below shows. The scaffolders’ lorry outside Dunster House had also gone.

The feedback from the meeting this morning between CityWest Homes and Axis will be interesting.

Scaffolding covered in green netting.

Scaffolding on Hanson Street taken at 13.00 on 4 August. No work is taking place.




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