When will Axis produce a programme of works?

Broom left overnight on scaffolding at Slowley House 5 August 2015

A new broom? Taken on 5 August 2015

Seeing, hearing and disbelieving

What I heard

City West Homes had a meeting with Axis on Tuesday 4 August.

The very efficient new City West Residents’ Liaison Officer telephoned me on 5 August with an update.

The main news is that City West still don’t have a programme for the works.

Shooting the messenger?

The next bit of news is that the Axis Residents’ Liaison Officer has left. Previously City West replaced their liaison officer. The new Axis liaison officer begins work on Tuesday 11 August. I have offered to meet the new liaison officer to help them get a handle on the situation.

A tale of two bricks

City West have approved the new bricks sourced by Axis. Work to replace damaged bricks can now start.


The response to the stairways decoration scheme has been poor. City West are trying to chase up responses.

What I saw

Scaffolding, worker just visible

10.35 am, 5 August 2015, Slowley House. Axis worker in yellow hard hat and high visibility jacket just visible high up on the scaffolding

On Wednesday 5 August three men worked intermittently at Slowley House.

When I asked what they were doing, one of them told me they were replacing bricks.

The scaffolders continued their work at Dunster House.

Scaffolders' lorry

Scaffolders’ lorry outside Dunster House at 12.56, on 5 August 2015

Doing the maths

When I asked how many people were working that day, one of the men at Slowley House said ‘7’. I asked where the other 4 were. He said ‘over there’. This is a large programme. Work is reportedly taking place in Great Titchfield Street.

The AXIS trio arrived at 09.30 and left at 11.45 am. At least one man in a hard hat was back on site at 12.55. No work took place after 3.30 pm.

If three men work from 09.30 till 11.45 and from 1pm till 3.30pm – how many days’ work is Axis actually delivering?


Why don’t Axis have a programme for the works? After 10 weeks of having scaffolding in place?

Why are so few people working on this programme?

How many workers does it take to make a ‘presence’? This is City West jargon for people actually working on site.

Why is the working day so short?

Why did both Axis and City West both replace their communications officers?

Where will it end…

Stop press

Axis operatives are on site at Slowley House at 09.45. With a load of bricks.

They are discussing what they need to buy in the way of building materials, and how much it will cost. £70.00, they think.

Curious conversation on a project this size.


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