Scaffolding covered in green netting.

The Art of Scaffolding

The highest concentration of scaffolding in Fitzrovia?

If you are in the habit of walking around Fitzrovia, you’ll know that an astonishing number of pavements are now given over to scaffolding. The photo below shows the latest addition to the Hanson Street collection of scaffolding. This scaffolding does not entirely block the pavement, but what a lot of it there is.

Street with scaffolding on both sides

Hanson Street 23 August, where the scaffolding can be seen as a kind of urban installation

Close to you…

Seemingly scaffolding has something in common with estate agents, furniture shops, and car dealers. Scaffolding, in Fitzrovia at least, likes to be close to other scaffolding.

Where can I see scaffolding in Fitzrovia?

Places where you can see clusters of scaffolding include Berners Street, the corner of Charlotte Street and Tottenham Street, Clipstone Street, the northern end of Great Titchfield Street, Goodge Place, Hanson Street, Rathbone Place and Rathbone Street. The Newman Arms is a very good spot to admire scaffolding in Rathbone Street while sampling produce from Cornwall.

But is scaffolding art?

‘Creativity lives and works’ in Fitzrovia, or so it does according to the Fitzroy Place developers. Below is a photo of one of the canvases that the developers use to cover a barrier in Nassau Street.

Here creativity lives and works

Possibly the most annoying bit of publicity in Fitzrovia

Certainly there has been a blossoming of art galleries in Fitzrovia, for example Art First in Eastcastle Street.

Art Gallery called Art First

Art First

An Urban Installation

Could it be that the collection of scaffolding in Hanson Street is an unintended example of an urban installation? Discuss.

Culborne House on 5 August

Scaffolding at Culborne House on 5 August 2015. Note the interesting ZigZag effect that is balanced by the ladders on the right hand side.


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