Bricks on a scaffolding

Week 14 of Contract S163 – Communication is Still a Problem

Communication is still a problemnotice board and wall with unfinished plastering

Slowley House entrance with the noticeboard that hinders rather than helps communication between residents and City West


  • City West Homes are carrying out works to properties in Hanson Street for the first time this century.
  • Residents have now been living behind scaffolding that blocks daylight for 14 weeks.
  • More than two weeks have passed since a meeting with City West and the refurbishment contractor, Axis, to discuss issues relating to the delivery of the contract.
  • One of the outputs from the meeting was an agreement to provide residents with a progress report every two weeks. This has not happened.

Painting a negative picture

Staircase wall with some plaster work

Slowley House stairs and doorway where the decorators have done some silly things. Axis have assured us that the job will be done properly.

The decorators doing the internal works have created negative impression. One resident was surprised to overhear the decorators asking Axis for more money. Previously the decorators had claimed to speak no English.

The weather has not been kind but progress on the internal works still seems slow.

pavement under heavy rain

Rain in Hanson Street




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