Scaffolding in Hanson Street

Contract S163 Week 16 and no end in sight

Life in the twilight zone continues

City West Homes are carrying out the first refurbishment this century of blocks of flats in Hanson Street, London, W1. The buildings, which are in a conservation zone, have been neglected for years. City West Homes have lost previous maintenance records for the properties that are in its care.

The view from inside a flat of the scaffolding with black plastic bag

The view from inside a flat in Hanson Street, London, W1

Life behind the scaffolding is depressing

Residents, many of whom are elderly, have been living behind scaffolding for 16 weeks. The green netting that covers the scaffolding creates a permanent twilight zone.

Deliveries are interrupted because house names and numbers are covered up

All the house names and numbers of the flats have been covered up by the scaffolding. Essential deliveries – e.g. medication – are being interrupted because the delivery services cannot identify the house names or numbers. City West were made aware of this weeks ago.

Building covered in scaffolding

Scaffolding that conceals the house name and the street name, Hanson Street, London W1

Work is slow and of poor quality

Progress with contract S163 is slow. The quality of the interior decoration is poor.

notice board and wall with unfinished plastering

Slowley House entrance hall

Residents have tried to communicate their concerns to City West Homes. The message does not seem to be getting across.

Communication is intermittent to non-existent

At a meeting with residents, City West agreed to provide fortnightly progress updates. They have not done so.

Essential repairs are not carried out

Residents have repeatedly reported faults to do with plumbing and security to City West Homes. Nothing happens.

Note: City West have now tested the overflows and could not find a fault. The water appears to have stopped running for now. City West have also ordered new bolts to secure the main door of the property concerned. This is good. 29 September 2015

A meeting with the City West Project Manager is scheduled for 8 September.



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