Scaffolding wraps around corner site

Is Fitzrovia turning yellow?

More wrap-around scaffolding in the heart of Fitzrovia

The back story

  • Previous blogs have exposed the threat to the fragile fabric of Fitzrovia from invasions of scaffolding, and attacks of wrap-around scaffolding in particular.
  • The netting that covers scaffolding in Fitzrovia, Marylebone and Bloomsbury very likely has a political significance.
  • To date, the colours green, blue and red have been competing for supremacy in some of the most famous squares in London: from Bedford Square to Fitzroy Square. Is yellow the new peril?

Blue has green in a pincer movement

Three lots of scaffolding in Fitzroy Square W1

Competing colours of scaffolding in Fitzroy Square, London, W1

True blue in Bedford Square

Scaffolding in blue netting in Bedford Square London

True Blue Scaffolding in Bedford Square

Corbyn takes Kensington?

Green and blue are about equal across the West End of London. Red emerged only after the election of the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Red scaffolding in South Kensington, London SW7

Red scaffolding in South Kensington, London SW7

I am curious yellow: Throw back to the liberal 60s?

The Newman Street Tavern is the latest watering hole in Fitzrovia to succumb to scaffolding. Note how the scaffolding wraps around the entire building. The scaffolding dominates the pavements in two streets, Goodge Street and Newman Street. The netting is yellow.

Scaffolding wraps around corner site

Corner of Goodge Street and Newman Street: I am curious yellow

Scaffolding is political

The autumn conference of the Liberal Democrats takes place in Bournemouth from 19-23 September. Can it really be a coincidence that the latest outbreak of scaffolding in Fitzrovia is in Liberal Democrat yellow?

Yellow is also the colour of the construction site in neighbouring Rathbone Place. Could Fitzrovia be turning yellow?

New building covered in yellow scaffolding

I am curious yellow: Rathbone Place rises up

UK Coalition Government Colours

Finally, a temporary outbreak of yellow and blue scaffolding that appeared in Regent’s Park is at last being taken down. Blue and yellow are the colours of the former UK coalition government. As we know, it, too, was temporary.

House with yellow and blue scaffolding above the roof

Yellow and Blue Scaffolding takes centre stage in Regent’s Park


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