Message taped to a street bollard

Rat alert: Put out your rubbish no later than 10 am

Message from the rat now taped to front door of Slowley House

Message from a fat rat

The Back Story: Ratatouille 24/7

  • Previously we reported that a rat was trying to influence refuse and waste dumping behaviour in Hanson Street
  • Westminster Council threaten to fine people who put out rubbish before 07.00 am
  • The point is that vermin in the area are dining very well on rubbish that is dumped on our pavements at all times of the day and night
  • Westminster are not getting their message across.

Rats are living it up in Hanson Street

Today I noticed another attempt to raise awareness of the dangers of dumping rubbish in Hanson Street after the bin men have called.

Message taped to a street bollard about the importance of not dumping rubbish after 10.00am

Urging residents to stop putting out their rubbish after the bin men have called because rats are living it up in Hanson Street

Rubbish collections in Hanson Street are like clockwork

You can time your watch by the arrival of the Veolia dustcart. They always come at 10.30. Whoever is running this campaign has a sense of humour, and they are persistent.

Not enough recycling and too many rats in Nassau Street

One of the worst (or best!) streets for rats in Fitzrovia is Nassau Street. I often see them scuttling about under the parked cars.

But no wonder. I saw a lady depositing her rubbish on the pavement in Nassau Street this morning at 10.39, after Veolia had called of course. Those plastic bottles would have been so easy to recycle. #tragicwaste

Rubbish dumped on the pavement

Rubbish dumped in Nassau Street, London W1, at 10.39 on 23 September 2015

Westminster Council, what are you going to do?




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