Scaffolding covered in builders' rubbish

Contract S163 Week 19 A Room With A View

Monday 28 September 2015

The view from inside one of the seven blocks of flats in Hanson Street, W1 that are afflicted with scaffolding and light reducing green netting.

City West Homes are carrying out the first refurbishment this century of the seven blocks that it manages in Hanson Street. Hanson Street is in East Marylebone conservation area. The railings – some of which which were made locally in Eastcastle Street about 100 years ago – are mentioned in a Westminster Council Conservation Area Audit No 33.

Westminster Conservation Audit No 33

Westminster Conservation Audit No 33

City West Homes have lost the maintenance records for the buildings in Hanson Street.

The scaffolding first went up in the second half of May 2015, but work did not get under way properly until August 2015.

The scaffolding has now been in place for 19 weeks, or nearly 5 months.

Wisteria is growing up scaffolding at the rear. The grime is on the windows, not the camera.

Wisteria clad scaffolding

Wisteria growing up the scaffolding at the rear of Slowley House, Hanson Street, London W1

Soon we will need Christmas lights, and Santa with his reindeer at the front.

Scaffolding part erected on 27 May 2015

How it all began: Scaffolding going up in Hanson Street, 11.45 am on 27 May 2015


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