Seven blocks covered in scaffolding

Week 23 of Contract S163: The week of the Axis Surge?

Seven blocks covered in scaffolding

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Was this the week of the Axis ‘surge‘? Judging by the number of decorators and scaffolders clambering about all seven City West Homes properties in Hanson Street, Week 23 of contract S163 may have been the busiest yet.

Will the surge succeed?

But can Axis sustain the surge? And will the new decorators be any better than the previous ones?

Made in Chelsea / Fleeing Fitzrovia

An article in the Evening Standard caught my eye. Chelsea residents are upset at the prospect of 6 mega-basement extensions happening simultaneously. That’s nothing compared to seven blocks of flats being worked on simultaneously.

Hanson Street is a narrow street. Sound bounces off the buildings, and carries all the way from one end of the street to the other. With refurbishment works taking place on seven blocks, the only option for homeworkers is to escape.

And yet the paintwork is far from finished.

As one of my more laconic neighbours remarked, “It takes two men to paint one window”.


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