Week 24 of Contract S163: The art of snagging

Window frame with a run of gloss paint.

A pool of gloss paint at the base of a window frame in a stairwell.

Gloss paint run on the door frame

Gloss paint on a door frame. The coverage is uneven, and there are a couple of runs.

Decorating Tip No 1: Never overload your brush

One of the most wearing aspects of contract S163 is finding things wrong with the decorating. Things that the decorators should have noticed when they were doing the job.

As the photos show, the first coat of gloss paint in one of the stairwells looks as if it has been done in a hurry. Gloss paint runs very easily, especially if you load too much paint on your brush.

These particular runs were picked up and sorted in the snagging process.

What is snagging?

Snagging is a slang expression used in the building industry in the UK and Ireland. It is used to describe the process of checking work and looking for defects. You’ll find a comprehensive definition of snagging here.

There is going to be a lot more snagging in Hanson Street before contract S163 is completed.


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