Twenty-fours hours in a central London neighbourhood

I really like this piece by my near neighbour Wendy Shillam. She captures exactly what it is like to live in our neighbourhood.

Fitzrovia News

All of us city dwellers tend to live our lives much more in the public domain: in the streets, cafes and public spaces of our neighbourhood. My twenty-four hour diary gives a glimpse of how I use our streets, not only as a thoroughfare, but as a breathing space and a meeting place.

Benches on corner of street. Candover Street in Fitzrovia West has benches to sit and some of the finest arts and crafts buildings in central London.

3.00pm Tuesday: I bump into a friend.  We decide to sit on one of the benches under the trees in Candover Street for a five minute catch up. It could be a lovely spot, but the parking, the rubbish bins and cars screeching round the corner detract from its potential. A shame, because Candover Street possesses some of our finest arts and crafts buildings in central London, including Boulting’s Manufactory (1903 by the architect H…

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