City West Homes has poorly managed this maintenance programme and blighted people’s lives

I’m grateful to Fitzrovia News for publishing my blog about what we can learn from City West Homes’s painful refurbishment of 7 blocks of flats in Hanson Street.

Fitzrovia News

By Edward Kellow

If you have been down Hanson Street in Fitzrovia recently you may have noticed the number of buildings shrouded in scaffolding and green netting. This isn’t an art installation or a leftover from the Fitzrovia Arts week.

Street scene with scaffolding. Scaffolding and green netting covers seven housing blocks in Hanson Street.

The scaffolding is part of a programme of repairs to housing managed by City West Homes (CWH) on behalf of Westminster City Council.

But City West Homes has poorly managed the maintenance programme, blighted people’s lives, and needs to radically review the way it communicates and works with residents — something I’ve been writing about since July this year.

The works were long overdue: the roofing had suffered damage, paint was peeling from the windows and doors, and some of the window frames were rotting and had to be replaced.

In May this year CWH wrote to residents saying the works would start at the end of May…

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  1. Iacopo · December 8, 2015


    Thank you for your post. I am a resident of Hanson street who can very closely relate with what you have described.
    I reached out to both Axis and CWH to complain about the poor quality of the works (just as an example – one of the newly painted windows in my flat is now stuck, with a huge draft open at the top – letting cold air in), but have so far being ignored.
    I would truly appreciate if you could get in touch with me to better understand where we stand, and if there is anything we can do together with the other residendents.
    Many thanks,

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    • EdKellow · December 8, 2015

      Hi Iacopo,

      Thanks very much for getting in touch. I think the only way we are going to get change is by getting together and speaking with one voice. Shall we meet for a coffee? Thursday or Friday would be better for me as I am busy today and tomorrow. Have you contacted Tyrone Palmer from Axis? He always gets back to me when I have problem like a stuck window. There are some people like Tyrone trying hard to sort things out but the problem I think lies with senior management. You can contact Tyrone on Good luck and speak soon, Edward


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