The return of the scaffolding

Scaffolding on a red brick Edwardian block of flats

Regrowth of scaffolding in Hanson Street, London W1

It must be spring. There’s been a rapid regrowth of scaffolding in Hanson Street. It happened one day without warning. Seemingly the scaffolding was erected to investigate a leak affecting the top floor flat in one of the seven blocks of flats managed by City West Homes (CWH).

It’s only two months since the scaffolding in Hanson Street came down.  Between May and December 2015 the lives of over 150 people were blighted by scaffolding erected as part of a major works programme. The contract for this painfully slow programme is Axis Europe whose strapline is “Property Services, Properly Delivered”.

According to the always helpful and professional CWH consultation co-ordinator, the latest outbreak of scaffolding is not part of major works contract S163.

Did the roof contractors miss something?

Street view of scaffoldling in Hanson Street

Street view of scaffoldling in Hanson Street, London, W1


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