All eyes are on the Hanson Street Water Feature

 Why is this man walking in the road?

London Street

In Hanson Street all heads are turned to the sky.

It’s bird? It’s a plane? It’s superman!

Well no, actually, it’s a torrent of water pouring off the roof of a block of flats that is creating a lake.

Water pouring down from the roof

Water is pouring off the roof above the black plastic bags

It’s not clear from the photo, but from the pavement you can see a constant downpour. It’s what the water industry would call ‘full flow’.

If it's not raining why is the pavement wet?

If it’s not raining why is the pavement wet?

A real water feature.

The Torrent

And despite the scaffolding that has been there for several weeks, there are no signs of any doing anything to stench the flow.

Main door

People living inside the block are donning wet gear to get in and out of their building. Delivery people are dodging the downpour.

The back story

Hanson Street is no stranger to scaffolding and building work. In 2015 a major works programme managed by City West Homes and Axis shrouded seven blocks of flats in scaffolding for nine months. Works are still not officially complete a year later. However, this time, it must be said, City West are not responsible for the scaffolding or the water cascade.

Let’s hope the water is turned off soon.



  1. Andrew Murray · June 2, 2016

    ‘This time’ …!


  2. EdKellow · June 2, 2016

    Quite so!


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