St. John’s Lodge: The Secret Garden

I was thinking about writing a blog about the St John’s Lodge garden but this blog says it all and more!

Landscape Notes


Quiddity – the ineffable quality of “whatness”.

What you may ask is whatness?  It’s everything that makes a place unique and while the word may be new to me the  concept is not.  The quiddity of a place has intrigued travelers for millennium and was the focus of an article “London’s Odd and Empty Corners” by Guy Trebay in the travel section of the Sunday New York Times several weeks ago.

Trebay, on a frenzied visit to London, a city he finds endlessly fascinating, explores those peculiar and quirky places that can be found in no other location, the “little spaces, odd corners and crooked byways” that are “woven into the city’s texture, in its arcades, its shoulder-wide alleys, odd terraces, house museums and specialty shops; secreted between and beside and atop and sometimes even within the big marquee attractions, hidden right there in plain sight.”  London, he observes, is…

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