Growing edible crops in small spaces

Fitzrovia News

Perhaps it is no wonder that St Valentine’s Day has become a celebration for lovers. In London it is the day when we finally have ten hours of daylight. Contrary to popular belief it is day length, and not temperature, that will trigger most plants into spring growth.

American land cress in box. American land cress needs loads of water, but will grow in low light levels. It has a spicy flavour like watercress, but unlike watercress it doesn’t need running water to thrive. Photo: Wendy Shillam, Rooftopvegplot.

We get very few frosts here in Fitzrovia. If you have a sunny windowsill, think Mediterranean – try red basil, rocket, even a few tomatoes (which can be started off this month inside). But if your space doesn’t get sunshine you can still grow leaves like lettuces, mint, American land cress and red mustard.

Don’t bother to buy special seed trays or pots. Your plants will soon…

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