The state of Soho: Lockdown

A very personal review of life in Soho under lock down, some very telling photographs.


Some observations on the lockdown in Soho, 23 March – 10 May.

It’s old news by now, but the world has changed. On Sunday evening I went for a walk. At various points I was literally the only person in Leicester Square, on Westminster Bridge, on Blackfriars Bridge, in Covent Garden Market and on the terrace in front of the National Gallery (I was one of 3 people in Trafalgar Square itself.) Admittedly, 9.30pm on a cool and windy May Sunday is not normally the busiest time, but even so …

Earlier, the Prime Minister had announced what he called the ‘first sketch’ of ‘a road map’ for moving on from lockdown. It was very sketchy, but there was a bit more clarity following the guidance issued on Monday, a statement in Parliament and question time session on TV.

As the changes begin, I imagine the state of Soho, like…

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