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Here is an incomplete list of local stakeholders and actors

The Fitzrovia Chapel

The Fitzrovia Chapel is an exquisite place to get married, celebrate, hold an event, or perform. It is open to the public for reflection and quiet contemplation each Wednesday between 11:00 and 16:00.

City West Homes

We are the leading provider of housing management services, maintaining and improving homes across Westminster.

Axis Europe

We believe that we can deliver our client’s work in a way that benefits everyone

The Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum

On 6th February 2015, FitzWest was designated a Neighbourhood Forum by Westminster City Council and already over 200 local people and businesses have joined. The Forum will make a Plan for the neighbourhood, targeting housing, planning, pollution – and much more. Now we need your involvement too!

Fitzrovia News

Fitzrovia News is written and produced by volunteers who live or work in Fitzrovia. Content is controlled by a team of editors. Articles are either written by individuals or a collective of writers and editors.

We cover all aspects of life in Fitzrovia with news and features about housing, business, environment, people, events, history and culture.

The Charlotte Street Association

The Charlotte Street Association comments on local planning applications, planning policy documents issued by Camden and Westminster Councils, licensing applications and other issues in the interest of the local community.

Create Streets

Create Streets is a non-partisan social enterprise and independent research institute focusing on the built environment.

 We encourage the creation of more and better urban homes with terraced streets of houses and apartments rather than complex multi-storey buildings.

 We support reform of the planning system to make it more effectively responsive to what people like in the built environment and campaign for community-led building and locally-supported estate regeneration to deliver homes that are popular and stand the test of time.